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ESXi 6.7 when will VMware repair the USB passthrough options?

For importing some ISO files into a datastore I had the naive belief that I could just configure a VM with an USB controller and the plug in an USB drive.

<removed by moderator> I can add an USB controller, but I cannot assign an USB port... why? <removed by moderator>

The device is only available when it is plugged in and the  USB port is on a VMware supported USB device... and what about the speed?

10 MB data transfer rate via USB3 from an USB disc that can do 75 till 100 is ridiculous low. Why?

And where is the real USB port passthrough? ESXI 6.7 doesn't even detect USB discs in the storage manager so how I do a raw device mapping with an USB port?

I am really dissatisfied with ESX... here 6.7 CU3 enterprise. I do VMware ESX since market release and the server was still called GSX, far before ESX 3.0 so  I know some stuff about it

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