ESXi 6.7 System Swap "Host Cache" vs "Local swap" vs "Datastore".

Hi, I can't seem to find an article which explain the difference between them, when to use them, impact... or one of them is already deprecated.

The setting appear in the webclient, Host | Manage | System | Swap | Enabled, Datastore, Host Cache & Local Swap. Current at default setting, Yes, No, Yes, Yes)

Got a ESXi 6.7 lab PC (128GB RAM, 2x Nvme, 2 x Sata SSD & 1 x HDD) which I run nested ESXi hosts (like VSAN lab). just curious what those settings are, though I think with the configuration of mainly flash setup, the setting make no difference. The hard disk is hardly used.. just to backup iso files.


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