ESXi 6.5 - %A/MPERF stuck at 52.2 for all cores - High CPU Contention % in vROPs

I'm trying to figure out what might be causing this.

ESXTOP shows all cores at 100% P12 state. Thus, %A/MPERF is 52.2% for all cores.

ESXi is managing P-States and C-States. (currently set to balanced)

When changing to High Performance, I see the expected C-state changes.(no C2 State)..but no changes in P-State. The blade never pulls more than around 120 watts. (we thought that maybe it was a power throttling issue in UCS, however we now think 120 watts is just what the blade needs to run each core at 1.2 GHz...aka. P-State 12)

We have tested the Cisco M4 blade with it's Diag CD and during the CPU test, it pulls 270 watts and everything passes normally. This tells us that the blade is not power throttled from it's BIOS for a UCS BIOS policy.

Has anyone ever seen every core pegged to 100% in the P12 state? (or possibly your host's highest P-State?)

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