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ESXI 6.0 compatibility


I'm extremely new at setting up ESXI servers.
I've made the following system for the purpose (using ESXI 6.0 or above) :

Intel i3 8100
MSI z370-A PRO

2x 16 Gb DDR 4 RAM - 2400mhz
3x WD Red 1TB SATA
All in a standard full-size tower ATX box.

I wanted to run a RAID 1 volume on two of the hard drives. I found out the hard way that ESXI doesn't really support "software RAID" through my motherboard. I started looking at the compatibility list for ESXI 6.0. I found a cheap second hand Adaptec 2405 that seems to be compatible with ESXi 6.0.

I'm afraid of making another mistake with this build. Before I purchase the raid controller and try again I have the following questions:

1) Is it a problem that this raid controller is very old (released in 2011-2012). Should I expect hardware compatibility issues with a newer system ( I have DDR4 ram and an 8th gen processor)?
2) Intel i3 8100 doesn't seem to show anywhere in the ESXI compatibility list. Nor do any 8th gen processors. Is this going to be an issue?
3) Should I expect any issues with the fact that the build is in a tower case not a server one (the raid card not fitting properly)
4) In the requirements for this Raid controller, it states PCI 2.0 x8. I have a free PCI 3.0 x16, should I expect problems there?
5) Any other issue I'm not seeing?

Thanks in advance and excuse me if my questions are uninformed or this is not the correct section.

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