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ESX power spikes during Memory Swaps - Why?

We have an ESX host in a 3 node vcenter cluster that we have been noticing power usage spikes that coincide with memory swap spikes. Looking at the active memory usage, there is not spikes with active memory usage and we cannot figure out why. We have not noticed any CPU spikes either at the same time, nor datastore spikes. Just swap being used for some unknown reason and power spikes. 

Wanted to know if anyone else has ever seen this or if anyone has any ideas?

You can see the memory swap and power spikes here


And if we layer on the active memory, there are not spikes in active memory which I expected to see a spike in memory


Here is the CPU usage layered on top, you see

1. Maybe a little CPU usage prior to swap and power spike

2 and 3 no changes at all in CPU during spikes

3. A spike at the tail end of a power and Swap spike


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