Do most of you guys like to use the dynamic update baselines on 6.x vsphere?

Do most of you guys simply apply the built-in dynamic baselines of critical and non-critical patches that cover all versions, etc? or do you create you own baseline and try to add in what you think is needed for your version of vsphere?  I have always hated applying the critical and non-critical baselines in vmware because there are just so many patches for different version of ESXi(6.0, 6.5, etc).  It would be nice to hear of anyone has ever seen any issues with that taking longer, etc.

I was just applying host patches to 6.7u2 and specifically did not select the complete update 3 in my patch because my vcenter was still 6.7u2, but somehow through the other patches my host went to 6.7u3.  I thought I had always read you should keep your hosts behind your vcenter.  I went ahead and updated my vcenter after, but the entire reason I did not want to go to 6.7u3 is because HP said my hosts were only supporting up to 6.7u2 without updating the firmware on my Synergy frame first, etc.

I have read updates are improved in 7.0 and think it has to be an improvement, but would like to hear how any of you guys normally apply your baselines and if you ever have any issues, etc.

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