Confusing vSphere permissions regarding common tasks

Hi community,

I have a question regarding this VMware Doc: Required Privileges for Common Tasks

In the beginning it is said that any operation that consumes storage needs the privilege "Datastore > Allocate space", for example for taking Snapshots.

But reading further for snapshots only the privilege "Virtual machine > Snapshot management > Create snapshot" is listed.

For other tasks, like creating new machines, the privilege "Datastore > Allocate space" is listed along.

So what I tried is: create a role that only has the permission "Virtual machine > Snapshot management > Create snapshot" and assign it a user on a VM. The user has no other roles assigned and therefore doesnt inherit further permissions. And I am able to take snapshots of that VM ... Looking at the corresponding datastore, there is no right for the user at all, no "Datastore > Allocate Space" ...

So now I am wondering why it is written that this privilige is needed for taking snapshots but actually it doesnt seem to be?! What am I missing here? 😕



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