Cluster migration to new vCenter + vCenter reIP

Hey guys,

I have a bit of a challenging situation for which I have a few ideas, however I wanted to ask the forum to see if any of you have ran into this before (or maybe something similar to this). Basically, this is the play:

vcenter01 has a two nodes ESXi cluster. This ESXi cluster runs three VMs: two vCenters and an NSX Manager. The two vCenters are this same vcenter01 and vcenter02, which is paired with nsxmanager02. All of them have IP addresses from the same subnet (let's call this IPsubnet01= Due to external factors, this ESXi cluster has to go away, it's EOL and must be retired. However, vcenter01 manages other clusters, so it won't go away, it has to stick around, while vcenter02 and nsxmanager02 manage a different environment and has to stick around.

The plan is to move this aforementioned ESXi cluster from vcenter01 to vcenter02 and then migrate the VMs vcenter01, vcenter02 and nsxmanager02 to a different cluster also under vcenter02. However the PROBLEM is: the new cluster means a new IP space (let's say IPsubnet02= The two clusters DO NOT share IP spaces. That means new IP addreses for vcenter01, vcenter02 and nsxmanager02. I've read the documentation and reIP-ing these nodes seems a clear enough process. Normally, you would "drag" the new IP space on through the "old" ESXi cluster, reIP them and then move them over like that, however, this is an almost an impossible task for the networking team. This means I have to move them over to the new cluster and then change the IP addresses. Now, that seems a fair enough task for vcenter01 and even nsxmanager02, however for vcenter02, since this is the vCenter which now manage all this, it doesn't look like a clean process.

A diagram of the whole deal below:

Step 0. Current situation: vCenter01 -> Cluster01 -> VMs: vcenter01(IPsubnet01), vcenter02(IPsubnet01), nsxmanager02(IPsubnet01)

Step 1. Cluster01 moves into vCenter02 -> same deal with the VMs: vcenter01(IPsubnet01), vcenter02(IPsubnet01), nsxmanager02(IPsubnet01)

Step 2. VMs: vcenter01(IPsubnet01), vcenter02(IPsubnet01), nsxmanager02(IPsubnet01) -> migrate over to Cluster02

Step 3. New IP addressing for VMs: vcenter01(IPsubnet02), vcenter02(IPsubnet02), nsxmanager02(IPsubnet02).

At Step 3, this seems like an easy task for vcenter01 and nsxmanager02. This doesn't seem so easy for vcenter02, since this is the vCenter which actually manages both clusters now.

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