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Clone or Copy Windows Server VM without problems with SID:s and Active Directory

I've running a Windows server 2012 R2 with all the applications we needed in a Domain.

This server is a VM in vSphtere 7.0. (vCenter)

Now I want to create a full copy of that VM.

I´ve heard a lot about problems with UUID and issues with Active Directory and so on when you just cloning the VM.

So, I wonder what´s the correct steps in the process cloning a VM to avoid any problems?

Really appreciate your answer







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Ok, no answers..

For those how have the same question. This maybe help with some clarity about the consequences of cloning in VMware.


SID:s always duplicated. If you have duplicated SID:s in your environment , it´s looks that is asking for troubles,

You maybe think, then I change the SID of my cloned VM?

The problem is that your clone have to leave the domain and join WORKGROUP and

then run sysprep (the only official and supported solution from Microsoft)

If you have SQL databases and certain applications already installed, then be prepared

for the next level of problems. (Google on that)


To reach a stable and working "clone" I have to get back to start and deploy from template a new VM, and install everything from scratch.

Only hard work is the right way to go of making a "duplicated" copy of your already preinstalled apps and  database server.