Client is not getting Performance Power Metrics data using the MOB.

Using vSphere 6.7.  I launched the VMWare vSphere client and selected an ESX Server.   I select the Performance tab and then switched to Power.  I'm able to view the power usage average graph which contains data.    Now,  using the Managed Object Browser (MOB) I attempt to view the same data.  Selected  PerformanceManager->QueryPerf and updated the fields correctly.   No data is returned.  Next, I did a QueryAvailablePerfMetric to view all available metric ID's for the ESX server.  Received a bunch of ID's but none of them corresponded to any of the Power Metrics.   Finally,  I tried QueryPerf using one of the Performance Metrics (disk usage) Ids.  I received and did get back the correct data.    So, what am I missing?   Why am I not getting back the Power Metric Id's?

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