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Can you migrate VMs from a 6.5 host to a 7.0U3 host if the 6.5 host is not in the 7.0 cluster?

I was able to remove a ESXi 6.5 host with running VMs from its 6.5 vSphere environment without disruption of the VMs (DIsconnect --> Remove from invnetory), and I was able to add that host to a vSphere 7.0U3 Datacenter to be managed (since vCenter 7 can manage 6.5 ESXi hosts).  If the Standard switch's port group names and networks/vlans on the 6.5 host match exactly with the ones on the 7.0 hosts, can I vMotion the VMs from the 6.5 host at the Datacenter level to the 7.0 hosts in the 7.0 cluster without EVC enabled?

I've tested it with EVC enabled on the 7.0 cluster and set to "Sandy Bridge" (I'm moving VMs from a HPE Gen8 server) and dropping the 6.5 host into that cluster... and then migrating VMs from it to the Synergy Gen10 host ("Cascade Lake") and that worked fine, but I was wondering if I needed to set EVC on the 7.0 cluster at all if the 6.5 host isn't moved into it, and also if I could just migrate VMs (compute and storage vMotion) from the 6.5 host while it sits at the Datastore level without putting the host into the 7.0 cluster.  Any assistance would be great.  Thanks.

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