Can't register for vSphere trial: updatecustomer PATCH returns HTTP 500

I have a working Customer Connect login with a completed profile, and I can't register for a vSphere trial.

For me it doesn't matter what browser, what OS, what DNS server, whether I'm using private browsing mode, whether or not I've cleared browser cache, whether popups are enabled or not, or what desktop/laptop/OS I'm using... and I've tried several all around, none of it matters.

I keep being asked to complete another CAPTCHA over and over, accompanied by the error "Something went wrong. Please try again." See attached.

Upon web page inspection (again, regardless of browser choice or any of the aforementioned conditions), I notice that the updatecustomer asynchronous PATCH request, likely made within the registration page logic, throws a HTTP 500 Server Error on VMware's end:

  "errorCode": "VMW-USER-000",
  "errorSummary": "Exception occurred. Please try again later",
  "errorMessage": "INTERNAL SERVER ERROR"

I also inspected the payload and HTTP headers. Everything looks well-formed and valid.

So at this point I'm fairly convinced this is a VMware server-side issue, given the exhaustive list of combinations I've been trying. But I'm also happy to be proven wrong. The error doesn't offer any other useful info, so I'm stumped.

Can someone please help? Clues welcomed!

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