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Can not see items of second vcenter server in vsphere client a few weeks after upgrade of 6.0 to 6.7

Hello everyone,

We have currently 2 VMware vSphere Essentials Kit, thus 6 ESXI Servers and 2 vCenter Appliances. They were running in version 6.0 till we made an upgrade to 6.7 last year. We have an External Platform Services Controller, to which both VCSAs are connected to.

I just realized that despite working in the beginning and also before the upgrade, I can no longer see the inventory items of both of the vCenters when browsing the web interface of one of them. If I connect to vcsa01 I can see the VMs, Folders, Datacenter and Hosts of that cluster but not vcsa02. If I connect to vcsa02 its the other way round. I always see the entry of the other vcenter though, in the past I could just expand the items like I can for the one I logged in to.

2021-01-12 11_53_08-Window.png

Unfortunately I am not the original guy who set everything up but I merely maintained it. We have a single SSO to which both of the vcenters (should) use afaik. I don't know if something like Enhanced link mode is activated.

I didnt change anything regarding permissions during or after the upgrade. I only worked on the certificates (Dont mind the certificate warning the screenshot, I was connected from a device that is missing the root certificate).

If you could point me to any troubleshooting guide or tell me which more information to gather (e.g. logs, Screenshots of specific parts of the config) that would be very nice. I doubt that from the information I offered yet, someone can already give a clue whats wrong, but you can of course suprise me if you want.



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