Can not add any VMs to a vDS

I am using VMUG on my homelab to try to stay on top of technology and best practices. I have a 3 node esxi cluster in vsphere. My VMs and ISOs will be on an NFS NAS. All of this worked until a long power outage that lasted longer than my ups could provide.

Whenever I try to add a VM to a vDS, I get: A general system error occurred: vDS host error: see faultCause Cannot create DVPort 0 of VDS DSwitch-25Gbps on the host ThrowableProxy.cause fault.DvsApplyOperationFault.summary

I have tested this with a two different vDS, multiples VMs, completely rebuild a vDS and can use it with a vmk in it to access the NFS share. VMs work fine if I use standard switches.

Thanks for the help

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