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CPU in ESXi spike 90%


We have hosts 6.5 and the CPU in these hosts sometimes spike without any reasons and when check by esxtop I found a helper service makes this problem after that I reboot the host that has this problem and CPU comes normally but after few minutes the problem happens in another host. This is a pic of esxtop monitoring tool    

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you have exceptionally high %waittime and % Ready time. This is an indication that your Host is waiting for some I/O to complete before doing next step in order of execution map

Now, This situation can be due to following reasons

1) Passthrough devices: Driver mismatch

2) Storage Issue, Some latency in Accessing the Storage or some issues in Storage

3) Network Teaming or failover issues ( look at health status of your vDS)

4) Some VM unresponsive which is waiting to complete some I/O

The info provided any how is inconclusive on what is causing this problem, Please look into logs

Regarding Helper process, each VM is assigned a vmx process also known as helper process. please expand your helper process in esxtop for the 8 world to understand what exactly is causing the issue