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CEIP Issues..

Hi All

Firstly we are at a site without internet connectivity so all patching etc is done in a specific way.

Couple of weeks back I get a call from the server team telling me their DNS servers are being overloaded with lots of external DNS queries to several different vMware.com addresses.

At first I thought someone had left Internet updated enabled (which they had) and so this would be a quick win.

I disabled internet updates within Lifecycle Manager and the 3 sources it listed to communicate with.

No change in DNS Log outputs resulted.

Not until I disabled the plugins for Lifecycle Manager did DNS queries to vapp-updates.vmware.com actually stop.

Now I am left with 


scapi.vmware .com         (Which I think is the CEIP programme and this is explicitly set to OFF at both the vCenter and the ESXi Host Level)

vcsa.vmware.com           (Which I think is Skyline trying to report home [where Skyline isn't even installed] )

Any idea how i stop these external queries from happening and why (if i am correct) where options are explicitly set to OFF such external calls are being made.



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