Bug in ESXi 6.? when handling VMDKs created by Workstation

Some versions of ESXi 6 do not treat VMDKs created by Workstation correctly.

To be precise this is about the format


That format when it is accepted by ESXi comes with a text descriptorfile plus one large file typically named name-s001.vmdk

Warning: this format will prevent automatic backuptools from doing their job and it also prevents you from merging snapshots back into the basedisk.

The behaviour is inconsistent !

ESXi should either (preferably) deny using this format in the first place - which is the intented behaviour - or it should be able to handle it correctly : including the function of merging snapshots.

Most probable reason why you may have this vmdk-type at all on ESXi is manual imported VMs from Workstation or Fusion when the admin is not aware of the inconsistent treatment of this vmdk-type.

According to the VMware documentation this should not happen !


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