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Any plans for a less complex/cheaper route to vTPM?

I've got a small (I presume) installation by VMWare standards. Three nodes, two of them soon to be clustered, with the Essentials Plus license, hosting around 20 VMs

I (wrongly) presumed that since the physical servers had TPM 2.0 on board, I'd be able to have vTPM functionality of some sort in my VMs, especially for having Bitlocker-enabled volumes on our Windows Server 2019 installations. Sadly, I see that there are some pricey requirements to vTPM on ESXi 7.0U2, namely special licenses, the presence of a Key cluster etc.

I'll most likely have to do this with another SAN or other way. Still too expensive. And Windows 11 requires (at least on paper) TPM 2.0-enabled rigs. AFAIK, Hyper-V provides vTPM functionality, but I've not tested it though.

The bottomline is that it is impossible for me to do vTPM with my essentials plus subscription, which is a **bleep** shame considering the 4-digit cost of it...

Are there any plans for implementing vTPM on a cheaper way, without using a Key Provider?


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