Advise on Resource Pools & Reservation


I have the below queries regarding resource pools in an ESX Cluster

I have been looking around and could  not find any answers to these queries

Appreciate if any of you can help  Smiley Happy

1. Once we receive Reservation requirements for few ( say 3-4  )  VMs , how should we decide if we need to create a dedicated resource pool or if we should use VM level reservations  ?

2. If we create multiple resource pools inside a Cluster , should we distribute the exact  total cluster capacity ( CPU Mhz , Memory TB )  among the pools or can we overprovision  ?

3. we have the below requirement for 1 of the VMs . Does this mean we can define VM level reservation on an existing resource pool or does it mean we need to create a different resource pool altogether ?

"CPU Settings: (Guaranteed resource allocation - no sharing allowed with other VMs) "

" Memory Settings: (Guaranteed resource allocation - no ballooning allowed))"

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First of all, Resource Pools are only used when there are not enough resources available. In other words: when there is resource congestion. And a Resource Pool is not the same as CPU/mem reservations on a VM.

1. If you receive a reservation requirement for a VM you can only use a VM reservation. A Resource Pool won't do the job.

2. You can distribute the resources any way you want. And there could be an overcommitment but that is not what I would do.

3. You can use VM reservations

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