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Adding a third console port to vmware esxi 6.5 - link VLAN-A direct to Core


the situation is that we have 2 console ports configured for failover, connected to two VMware traffic cluster switches Switch01.This is also

use for the vmotion and sync between the two ESXi server and that is also used to add the ESXi to the Virtual Center.

We linked this Switch01 to the Factory Core Switch02, but because of different models the uplink is not redundant

What we would like to do is create a third console port that we would connect to a other switch, to bypass the de VMWare traffic cluster Switch01

We can not use a uplink between the switches

config looks like :

ESXI1 - VSwitch01 - PortGroup01 | Physical NIC0 - Switch01A - port 9

                                                       | Physical NIC9 - Switch01B - port 9

               VSwitch02 - PortGroup02 - Physical NIC5 - Switch02 - port 9

The same goes for the factory network that now goes by Switch01 to Switch02. here we would like to bypass Switch01, and link direct to the core.

We have added a NIC to the existing Vswitch, and then used two out of three to link direct to the core Switch02, instead of the Vwmare core (Switch01)

The port all come on to connected status, I can see traffic (leds flashing), but we are unable to connect to the con or one of the virtual servers..

All hints and tips are welcome. we need to try and solve this asap, since the customer has already lost production because of trying this getting to work.

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If you're in a production down situation, you don't need to be posting here and instead should be talking to GSS. VMTN isn't a replacement for production support.

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