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Adding Notes to the Summary Tab in VCSA 7 for ESXi Hosts

I'm looking for a way to add notes to the summary tab of each ESXi host we manage in the VCSA 7. I'm needing to do this to prevent the generation unnecessary work. For example, I had a Host in Maintenance Mode due to some networking issue that I was going to address at a later date. Over the weekend the guys who do the patching notice the server in Maintenance mode and since everything "looked normal" went ahead and patched and rebooted the Host but failed to put it back in Maintenance Mode. This caused a few VMs to migrate to the Host which is no big deal except this caused the full backups to fail on this Host. This didn't sit well with the Backup team and... well, you get my drift. Any and all suggestions are welcomed. TIA.

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There is no notes windows on summary ofcourse, but I would use tags for that: