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vSAN node randomly enters maintenance mode


I have a vSAN all-flash cluster made up of 3 nodes and randomly one of the vSAN nodes Maintenance Mode States turns on

[root@dc-esx01:~] esxcli vsan cluster get

Cluster Information

   Enabled: true

   Current Local Time: 2017-07-15T10:49:45Z

   Local Node UUID: 59014f2d-bb88-59c8-b1d6-74867ad76bb2

   Local Node Type: NORMAL

   Local Node State: BACKUP

   Local Node Health State: HEALTHY

   Sub-Cluster Master UUID: 59031dba-ae5a-537c-db7c-90b11c4bfc5b

   Sub-Cluster Backup UUID: 59014f2d-bb88-59c8-b1d6-74867ad76bb2

   Sub-Cluster UUID: 527cd5ae-f4ac-d995-29dc-9e574af264ae

   Sub-Cluster Membership Entry Revision: 2

   Sub-Cluster Member Count: 3

   Sub-Cluster Member UUIDs: 59031dba-ae5a-537c-db7c-90b11c4bfc5b, 59014f2d-bb88-59c8-b1d6-74867ad76bb2, 590a9d3a-cd52-76d2-19eb-d067e5ee0800

   Sub-Cluster Membership UUID: 92855459-3af9-e566-deb2-90b11c4bfc5b

   Unicast Mode Enabled: true

   Maintenance Mode State: ON

If I run "esxcli vsan maintenancemode cancel" on the host it comes good for what seems to be a completly random amount of time.

Last time it occurred was 2 weeks ago where it happened 5 times in a day then not again until approx 3hrs ago.

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated

Please let me know if you require any further information/logs

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


That is a weird one alright.

Are you 100% positive that no-one else could be initiating this via DCUI/SSH?

Attach vmkernel.log, hostd.log, clomd.log and shell.log from today and we can look (likely those in /var/log , if rolled over then the zipped ones from /var/run/log).


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