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vSAN iSCSI targets migration possibility



I would like to ask, if is possible to migrate iSCSI targets on vSAN. The service is enabled on cluster and the disks inside the configuration are stored on the vSAN datastore. Is possible to migrate the disks inside the iSCSI targets between clusters? The same as is for VMs no sharing migration?

I don´t find any documentation or possiblity, how to relocate iSCSI disks, hwat sometimes could be necessary (for example during HW reneval to new cluster.

Thank you in advance

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Unfortunately it isn't possible to migrate an iSCSI volume from one cluster to the other. Only thing I have seen customers do for iSCSI migrations and NFS migrations is make new hosts part of the existing cluster, then phase the old hosts out. But that only works when a full cluster is being replaced, and not when you just want to migrate 1 share or 1 LUN.

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