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Hello experts,

I m wondering which is the most performant configuration for a vDS dedicated for vSAN traffic with 2 uplinks 10G BaseT (connected to 2 dedicated switchs) :
vDS with a PortGroup - Nic Teaming active/active (60 s to redirect flow to other NIC ?)
vDS with a PortGroup - NicTeaming active/Standby (60 s to swap NIC ?)
vDS with LACP - (Active/Passive (depend on switch configuration) and LoadBalancing Mode (Source & destination IP, tcp/udp/vlan)( 60 s too to switch ?)

The obective is to avoid having downtime incident if one of the two UPlinks has problem. Question about persistant data,  in case of link failure, the database VMs hosted on the vSAN could have micro 'write op' interruptions. Can this cause the data corruption?


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Our larger customers typically all go for LACP, it provides a better-balanced environment! If you are comfortable with LACP, use that.

The first two will not make a performance difference if you have a single VMkernel interface for vSAN, so I wouldn't worry about that too much to be honest.

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