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vSAN build recommendation from the vCenter

I am running a 4 node vSAN Cluster(raid 1) with dedupe and compression on 6.5U1 Cluster with VSAN 6.6.1  it is running enchanced link mode to other clusters running under different vcenters(all running 6.5U1).   I go to vSAN cluster, then monitor then click on VSAN and with the health.  It tells me vSAN build recommendation is 6.5U2.  Is there a way to find out why it is recommending that I upgrade to 6.5U2?  Just curious what known issues there are with gear I'm running (HPe 380 Gen 10).  I would like to know why 6.5U2 vs 6.7.   I am not seeing problems outside the rebalance which I'm working with support on.  I wouldn't mind upgrading, but the only clusters linked to that vCenter doesn't have its plugins it needs certified for 6.5U2 or 6.7.


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