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I have a VM's with Fault Tolerance enable and storage policie applied as FTT +1 that consume double of space.

My question is: Can i change the storage policie without tolerate failures, once I already have been enabled FT that is created a secondary VM as standy by? Or is better keep the FTT +1 and disable the fault tolerance?

My concern is about save space on datastore.

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Hi Humberto

You have there two different things, FTT in vSAN is about how many esxi failures (that share the vm data) you can stand without loosing the vm data.

And FT provides you with 0 downtime in case one esxi fails.

So for example, if you enable FT with a FTT0 in your vSAN, and you encounter a problem with the disks/esxi where the VM data is placed. You will loose the VM even with FT enable.

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