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vSAN Read Cache and Write Buffer hit rate

I'm working on testing a vSAN configuration and I will be using SSD's as the read/write cache/buffer.

My question is, how can I monitor the heat map of cached blocks and get a cache hit rate to see how effective the caching is?

My setup is 4 HP DL360 hosts 48GB each, 8 Total cores (HT Disabled) with ~1.8TB of Local spindle datastore each and ~360GB of SSD's that consists of 4 120GB SSD's in a RAID 5 and will use the new version of vCenter and ESX 6.0.

The process below is a good indicator but what I need is a graphical representation for management to see the effective positives of the expensive SSD's.

Detailed stats for vSphere Flash Read cache | VMware VROOM! Blog - VMware Blogs


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Use VSAN Observer

you can find the details here from rawilson whitepaper


and KB article (KB2064240) on how to use RVC to configure vsan observer