vSAN Cluster Partitions & vSAN Datastore policy

Hey Everyone, Hope you can assist


vSAN setup almost complete, but struggling with a couple of things. I am setting up a 2-node cluster with a witness.


1. My VM Storage Policies - The datastore only complies with the Management Storage Policy - Single Node.

  How do I Set the Datastore to a Raid-1 so that the data is mirrored? Currently the data is striped, which doesnt help my case when a node goes down...


2. And below error I receive in the Skyline Health - vSAN Cluster Partition

   How do I resolve this?




Sorry if this is dumb questions, but I am very new to vSAN and cannot wrap my head around these few things. Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated

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Hi Barrie,


first of all you have to solve the cluster partition issue.

Solving this issue would also allow you to use a different policy like FTT=1 & FTM=MIR.

If your hosts have 3++ diskgroups and your cluster is running 7U3 you could also use the new feature named "Enhanced Resilience"

Who is partitioned from the cluster, one of the physical nodes or the witness VM?

Hope this helps a bit.
Greetings from Germany. (CET)
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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Host with partition ID 2 is having some network issue, please resolve it. 

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