vSAN 7 Update 1 Capacity Reserver does not work

Hi Team, 

I am testing "Capacity Reservation" from vSAN 7 Update1 on VMware HOL. But it may not work correctly. 
So could you advise for my testing? (on UI, it is enabled but I think it does not working)

  • Used Lab HOL-2108-01-HCI - What's New in vSAN - Getting Started
  • Test step
    • Access the lab
    • add 4th host into existing 3 node vSAN(add vmk adapter for vSAN, make DG and exit maintenance mode for the new 4th node)
    • enable capacity reserver from "Configure" tab on the cluster.

But, the capacity monitor view still same before enable this feature as below. I though two reservation will be displayed on the meter, but no change.



Following picture is from this URL, I thought this light gray and dark gray will be set on the meter. 

If I overllook any additional step, I would like to know that. Could you share any hint for my situation?


Related Doc: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/7.0/com.vmware.vsphere.vsan-monitoring.doc/GUID-AAE07331-5...


Yamato Sakai Technical Training Instructor | Dell Technologies Education Services
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