no claim disk for vsan witness

Hi, here's my setup, we have a Dell FX2 server with 3 SLEDS and 1 storage. Storage was set to Split Dual Hosts

SLED1 - has RAID controller and disk 0-7

SLED2 - has RAID controller and disk 8-16

SLED3 - has no RAID controller but has 2x 200GB internal SSD drives

So I set the 3 SLEDS by installing ESXI 6.7 Update 1. I installed ESXi VCSA on SLED 3's disk 1, I deployed vsan witness appliance on SLED 3's disk 2. Procedures I've done:

1. create a datacenter

2. create a cluster

3. add host 1 and host 2 (SLED 1 and SLED 2) on the cluster, enabled HA and vsan . After successfully adding the first 2 hosts, I went ahead and proceed with the 3rd step is to configure vsan cluster. BTW, I used the Quickstart wizard in configuring from adding the host in configuring vsan.

4. Host 3 or SLED 3 is not part of the cluster

The first part of the Cluster configuration is about Distributed Switches and I set both vmnic0 and vminic1 to both DSwitch, didn't modify anything under storage traffic, under Advanced options > vsan options I set to Two Host vSAN cluster. under Claim disk, I set the HDD for the storage and flash disk for the cache tier, next is letting me select the witness host which I did, the next part is where I'm kinda lost, it's looking to Claim Disks for witness host and I have nothing on the list.

Not sure where I missed or what part of the configuration I missed???



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Did you ever get this figured out? I'm running into the same issue with a similar setup...

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Hello techgonecoastal ,

Welcome to Communities.

Just so that you are aware - it is generally beneficial to ask such things as a new question as opposed to posting on an old question that doesn't have much info/analysis.

First things to check:

1. That the vCenter is on the same or higher mlrevision as the hosts (e.g. if hosts are ESXi 6.7 U3 then the vC needs to be 6.7 U3 aswell).

2. Witness is same build as the other hists.

3. That the Witness doesn't have pre-existing partitions - the disks to be used need to be blank/unformatted.

4. That there isn't some other storage or other issue on the Witness.


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