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VSAN folder is not removed on migration or by "Delete from Disk"

We recently deployed vSphere 5.5 Essentials with Virtual SAN on a modest 3 host cluster.  The Virtual SAN contains two root level folders for each VM or template I have created: one named for the VM and one named with a GUID or similar designation that appears to be a mirror of the first.  I would guess this second folder is a manifestation of some redundancy scheme but this is not important to my issue.

My problem is a matter of cleanup.  If I migrate a VM off of the VSAN to another datastore or delete it using "Delete from Disk" from vCenter Server, these folders remain behind and vCenter issues no error.  The folders cannot be deleted subsequently via Manage\Files.  I noticed similar behavior on local datastores as well but was able to remove the folders by putting the datastore host into Maintenance Mode first, rebooting it, and then deleting from the old vSphere client application.

I am going to assume this is not normal behavior and that I have some configuration or permissions issue.  But I have been unable to find any help in the documentation or the various on-line knowledge bases thus far.

So two questions:

  • What do I need to tweak in vCenter Server to ensure these folders are actually deleted when I "Delete from Disk" or migrate to another datastore?
  • Can someone point me to the official procedure for purging orphaned folders from VSAN?
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