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VSAN 5.5 Upgrade and Supportability


The company I work for is currently looking at upgrading our VDI cluster and I have some questions. To give you a brief overview:

- 3 Nodes running ESXi 5.5 u1 (1623387)

- Using VSAN on approved HCL hardware.

- vCSA running 5.5 u1(c) (1945287)

- Horizon View 5.3.0 (1427931) running floating, linked-clone VM's that auto refresh upon logoff.

There are things I'd change if I could, but most things are by design in terms of hardware and setup.

In our production environment (VCE VblocK) we are looking at our next upgrade of VMware which puts us as 5.5 u2(d). We are trying to align all versions so I will need to upgrade the VDI environmnet also, I am looking to get to:

- vCSA 5.5 u2 (d)

- ESXi 5.5 u2 (d)

- Horizon View 5.3.1 (2 Connection Servers, 1 Composer Server).

The reason for Upgrading View is that I've seen that 5.3.1 was specifically introduced for (improved?) VSAN supportability. Is it worth upgrading? I've read the release notes and nothing really stands out as concerning. Is there any major benefit or drawback to it?

My thought process of executing this is:

1) Upgrade vCSA to 5.5 u2(d)

2) Upgrade VUM to 5.5 u2(d)

3) Upgrade ESXi hosts to 5.5 u2(d)

4) Upgrade Composer servers to 5.3.1

5) Upgrade Connection Servers to 5.3.1

6) Upgrade View Agent on desktops and recompose pools.

My questions around upgrade vCSA/ESXi and the impact (if any) on VSAN. Is there anything I need to be specifically mindful of or is it all automatically taken care of in the upgrade process?

Thanks in advance for any input!


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regards, Ryan vExpert, VCP5, VCAP5-DCA, MCITP, VCE-CIAE, NPP4 @vRyanH http://vRyan.co.uk
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