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VMware vsan 6.5 connect their host individually with iSCSI software adapter, not vSAN-iSCSI, problems of slowness

Hello, I have three cluster with 2 iSCSI Host each against an EqulLogic booth and another cluster with 4 host with vSAN All flash. All of them in esxi 6.5. I recently lost an iscsi host and I have my vcenter server appliance in this cluster. After reviewing the documentation and seeing that vSAN-iSCSI can not share this storage with other esxi, I have tried not to enable this option and directly activate it in each host iSCSI software controller. I have detected many falls and problems of extreme slowness. Is this due to an incompatibility between vSAN and the host thus configured as iSCSI host?

Is there a way to mitigate these problems of slowness?

Thank you

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