Solved:- VSAN health service controller firmware HCL issue

   VSAN Health Check Bug

Recently , while working on one of the VSAN issue , discovered a bug with VSAN health service .


All the ESXi hosts in the VSAN cluster were updated and patched to same level , but still one out of 7 hosts in the cluster was reporting as "Controller firmware is not VMware certified "  , with a warning sign on the cluster .

6 out of 7 hosts were reporting '' version to VSAN and one was ''.

Below is the alarm received .


VSAN health service was discovering the Firmware package build version for the 6 out 7  hosts and was reporting FW version for one the host .

Fact was , all the host in the cluster  had the same controller driver and firmware version .


For firmware validation ,please run below command for Dell servers .

1)Locate /opt/lsi/perccli

2) Run the command  "./perccli /c0 show " and you will get below output .

(Please refer attached )

Refereshing the VSAN service on the affected server , re-ran the controller firmware discovery for each host , and this time it was reporting the Firmware package build version for each host .

You can  restart the vSAN health service with the following command: /etc/init.d/vsanmgmtd restart

After fix , below will be the output.

(Please refer attached )

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