Possible to incorporate a single ESXi into vSAN without losing data?

We currently have a single ESXi 6.7 hosting 10 vms, VMFS, on a Dell r730xd (ESXi A). We have a second Dell r730xd with a fresh install of ESXi 6.7 (ESXi B) and finally a Dell r240 with a fresh install of ESXi 6.7 (ESXi C) hosting the witness, and a Cisco 2960 connecting everything together

We would like to take the above and create a 2 node direct connect vSAN cluster, ESXi A and B direct connected ESXi C hosting the witness.

What would be the best way to accomplish this scenario without loosing any vm's from ESXi A. There is no issues with powering everything off but we cannot lose data. We have all the required licenses.

Is the above even possible?
Has anyone ever accomplished this?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

if you have enough free local storage resources on ESXi A and ESXi B to create one or more  valid disk-groups  and adequate networking for vSAN n/w traffic then it should be possbile 
Then you can create a 2 node vSAN cluster and perform a storage vmotion from existing VMFS to vSAN datstore.

A valid vSAN DG has a minumum 1 cache device (SSD) and 1 capacity (HDD or SSD). 
Bear in mind your controllers on the R730xd , and storage devices (capacity and cache ) all need to be on the HCL  Don't ignore the HCL.

Also VMware recommends minimum 2 diskgroups per vSAN node.

if peforming direct connect for vSAN n/w  (no switches between the two R730xds) you'll need dedicated physical nics 

If all flash you'll need min 10Gb interfaces.

have a read off this guide