Migrate data (VMs) from VSAN 5.5 to VSAN 6.0


I have a 4 hosts VSAN 5.5 cluster. Due to some compatibility reason, i need to replace all these servers with new set of serves which only support ESX6.0 and above.

For the migration portion, what i can think of  is to upgrade the current VSAN 5.5 to VSAN 6 then join the new server to the VSAN cluster and move out the existing 4 hosts.

Is there any better suggestion?



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first of all.. I dont know your entire environment. ... suggestion is wrong, it's up to you.

let me know.. your current vCenter server, current ESXi version and ESXi version you want.

if you want to upgrade ESXi 5.5 to 6.2... it just my opinion... Do not suggest. because on-disk format change from 1 to 3, directly.

I tried this, but All VM Homes are missing then VMDKs crashed. omg.

So, i suggest ...

1. upgrade your vCenter server first.

2. create new cluster using new servers for vsan6.1

3. configure vsan 6.1, first.

4-1. compute & storage migrate to new cluster, if you can.

4-2. cloning you VM to new cluster.

5. adjust storage policy.


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Thanks for the suggestion.

My current VSAN version is 5.5 with ESX and vCenter at 5.5 U2. I come across few kb about the problem if upgrade from 5.5U2 to ESX6 without the proper patches.

Upgrading from VMware vSphere 5.5 EP06 or 5.5 P04 to vSphere 6.0 GA can cause VMware Virtual SAN Dat...

My another challenge here is, i am running Horizon View 6.1.1. All the management resources (connection, composer) servers are all sit in this 5.5 VSAN. View 6.1.1 does not support in VSAN 6.U1 and above. Smiley SadSmiley SadSmiley Sad

I am thinking, will it be better if i deploy new View environment in the new server set rather than perform and upgrade and migration on the VSAN 5.5.

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