Machine is not power On after upgrading Vxrail VSAN Cluster to Esxi 6.5

Dear All Expert,

I have recently upgraded my Vxrail VSAN environment to Esxi 6.5 from 6.0.

In that upgrade activity i keep all my VMs UP and upgraded the complete environment with no Downtime by vmotion the VMs to different hosts.

In that activity i only left my 1 VM to power OFF.

After complete upgrade when i am going to power ON that respective VM, it gives my the following error. (mentioned in screenshots)



I have searched the error, and as per most blogs, it is suggested to re-register the VM by removing it from inventory and back to inventory.

I did it but got no luck,

Issue still remains the same

Kindly guide me how can i overcome this issue, Needs your expert opinion in this,

Thanks and waiting for the response,

Muhammad Aamir Zaib Khan

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hello Muhammad,

Is there any particular reason that you have a VM called 'vmwareconvertor' with disks attached to it called 'VMware vCenter Server Appliance_1.vmdk'? - I am assuming these are not the disks belonging to the vCenter in use by this VxRail (as how else would you have vMotioned anything). If they ARE the disks that are in use by the active vCSA managing this environment then this VM shouldn't have them added as disks and there is a good reason it can't power on.

- Check where your current vCSA disks descriptors are located. Web Client: Select VM > Edit Settngs > HardDisk2 > copy the path

- If this matches the namespace/path of the disk descriptor that 'vmwareconvertor' is trying to use (namespace: /d58ab759-bedd-f398-ebb1-54ab3a773e5a/) then you should find out why this VM is pointing to disks that are in use and don't belong to it,

Potentially this is an old VM that was created to convert an old vCenter?

Did you create this VM and/or what is its function?


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Hi Bob,

Thanks for the response.

I have checked Vcenter Server Appliance descriptor file and that file is different as compare with vm "VMwareconvertor" Descriptor file the machine is using and pointing the file.

I have deleted that corrupt descriptor file of Hardisk2 of machine vmware converter and it power ON successfully with no errors with its own descriptor file of Harddisk1.

Issue has been resolved now,

Thanks for the support,. Much appreciated.

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