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Is it possible to delete vmdk object on one node and remain the other one in two node vsan cluster?

I'm using vsan cluster with 2 node and 1 witness.

I've done something unrecoverable operation to a vdisk and have no backup.

Fortunately, this operation only done to 1 node(Let's call it A). So I believed there is still a replicant on the closed node (Let's call it B).

I moved the node B out of cluster and create a new vsan cluster. unluckily, the vsan disk groups can be detected, but all vsan object inaccessible. 

So, My plan is to delete the vdisk object on node A, and than add node B backup to cluster.

I fear that it will delete vdisk on node B when doing auto sychronizing.

Can anyone give me an advice?

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@mathcrowd, Specifically what did you do on node A?

What you are suggesting won't work - is the object still accessible with node B + Witness data? If not but the object still exists (but inaccessible) then I would advise you open a Support Request with VMware GS.

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