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How to provide redundancy for ESXi boot disk in vSAN

Hi All,

Is there any solution to provide redundancy for the ESXi boot disk when we have vSAN cluster on it?

Assume that we use hba mode on the controller to passthrough all the disks on the server to the vSAN, then in this case we dont have any redundancy for the ESXi boot disk.

I know we can add a seccond controller to the server to provide this, but is there any other solution for that?




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Hi @miladmeh8 what server manufacturer are the hosts? If they are Dell, then go with a Dell BOSS boot device. If its a HPE Gen10 then go for an NS204i boot device as both of these are RAID 1 as standard so with that mirror you have redundancy covered and also align with latest guidance to move away from 'Legacy' SD Cards that can get exhausted and fail