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FC Storage and vSAN

Hello everyone!

I'm struggling on a problem with my office infrastructure.
We have 3 hosts connected to two FC Storage via a brocade switch.
What we want to achieve is to have HA on the storages using vSAN technology.
The storages are identical, same number of HDDs, same model and vendor and same capacity. Is it possible to configure vSAN to made a virtual "RAID 1" over the two SAN?
If yes, how?

Thank you in advance!

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

vSAN is designed to work with local storage resources. vSAN creates a single distributed vSAN datastore using the local empty capacity available from the hosts 
vSAN doesn’t use external storage arrays — it uses local disk drives and flash devices to create diskgroups that are aggregated to create a shared storage resource.

Since FC storage can be shared amoing many hosts , however with vSAN, you cannot add these shared devices to a disk group.



Hot Shot
Hot Shot

@paudieo 's answer is corret. 

If a customer would like to migrate existing SAN (iSCSI, FC and etc), then you can connect and mount the VMFS to vSAN and you can "Storage vMotion" from there. 

This is the scenario "vSAN with SAN", of course reverser is too. (vSAN to SAN)

Again, "SAN LUN can't join for vSAN Disk group"

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