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Doubts about upgrade path of VSAN 6.5U1 to 7.0U1

Hi all,


I need to do an upgrade of an environment that is running ESXi 6.5U1 with VSAN 6.6.1

Also the currently installed firmware and driver versions are not supported in 7.0U1

I have been investigating what my upgrade path should be and I have some doubts.


First I see in the console that there is a critical update patch required for the VSAN cluster to be healthy.

That patch is to upgrade the ESXi to version 6.5U3

First doubt: Can I just upgrade the vCenter directly to version 7.0U1 then upgrade the ESXi hosts to 6.5U3?

Second doubt: After upgrading the ESXi hosts to version 6.5U3, I can then immediately upgrade them to 7.0U1, correct?

Third doubt: I believe that after upgrading to ESXi 7.0U1, I can use the VSAN Build Recommendations tab to automatically create baselines and download the updates for the drivers that I will need, correct? 

Fourth doubt: The updated firmware versions need to be downloaded from the manufacturer´s website or does the Build Recommendation tab also do that?


Lastly I think that the following will be my plan for the upgrade, can someone please confirm if it looks ok?

1) Upgrade vCenter from 6.5U1 to 7.0U1

2) Upgrade ESXi hosts from 6.5U1 to 6.5U3

3) Upgrade ESXi hosts from 6.5U3 to 7.0U1

4) Use the VSAN Build Recommendations tab to create the required baselines for driver/firmware updates and apply them

5) Upgrade the online disk format version from 5 to 11


Thanks in advance

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