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Best practices I/O processing during switch to RAID 6, ESXi 6.7 and VC 6.7

The questions I will switch my cluster from raid5-ftt1 to raid6-fft2, the I/O processing hit of that switch, and whether or not raid 6 vs raid 5 would be considered best practice in a 10-node VxRail environment. Also, switching 380+ VMs manually seems very inefficient, is this really the best way/only way to make that large format change?

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380+ VMs thats huge , when we change raid policy of a VM from Raid 5 to 6 or 1 to 5. They vsan objects will be recreated and you need to have enough available free space in the cluster . it will hit the performance . doing all at a time is risk ,it will cause DU as well,which i wont take. suggest you to plan in stage by stage . i would do like below. 

1. 1st change the VMs to Raid 5 to Raid 6 , on phase by phase . 

2. once all vms are in the raid 6 policy , then change the datastore policy to raid5 to raid6. 

that is the only we have . 

Thanks & Regards,

Mohammed Viquar Ahmed