Automatic Rebalance and Reactive rebalance

As far as I know there is new feature in vSAN7 Automatic Rebalance . I know when we set it on 40% while the space usage of each disk was more than 40% from the other it starts and will continue until the variance reaches
to 20% across vSAN cluster. but in Reactive Rebalanace it try to spread the components on disks across vSAN cluster while the space usage on one disk is more than 80% and will continue to bring all disk capacity usage below the 80% threshold

1- So if Automatic Rebalnace enabled Reactive Rebalance nothing do anything because always disk usage is less than threshold or equal it and wll not reach to 80%
Is that correct ?

2- Automatic Rebalnce can spread even distribution of components but Reactive Rebalance just decrease the space usage of each disk across vSAN cluster under 80%
Is that correct?

3- Balancing just apply separate hosts in vSAN cluster. That means for example if I have 4 esxi hosts (esxi1.......esxi4) and each of them has one disk group include 4 capacity disks it just balance components on disks on esxi1 and not compare disk usage in esxi1 with esxi2 .

Balancing will be apply for each host is that correct ?

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