2 Node vSAN 7.0.2 with Witness - Policy for RAID1

I have a two node vSAN and have deployed a Small Witness in another cluster and have connected that Witness to the vSAN for the stretched cluster.


When I attempt to configure the vSAN Default Policy it tells me that the vSAN isn't compatible because it lacks the Fault Domain.


The disks of the Witness are part of the vSAN.


If I create a new policy or edit an existing the only time the vSAN appears to be compatible is with the following settings;


I have looked over this doc numerous times. What am I missing?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

you have a network partition

The witness does not appear to be communicating with the master nodes

we see the witness in group 1 and the 2 data nodes are in group 2

this indicates a network partition



make sure that routing is working between the vsan interfaces and vsan ports are allowed through any firewalls

start with the troubleshooting section on vSAN Network design guide

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