Possible to retrieve and use LCM Locker Credentials in vRO or ABX workflows?

Like the title says, I'm wondering if there is any documentation out there on how pull out credentials from the LCM locker for use in either an ABX action or possibly vRO workflow.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

vRO and ABX are fully capable of doing any API calls. So you can simply do API calls from vRO/ABX to LCM.

The LCM API is well documented and there are also examples on the internet on how to get information from the Locker.

To access the API, you must first authenticate and then use an API call.

POST [lcmhost]/lcm/authzn/api/login

GET [lcmhost]/lcm/locker/api/v2/passwords

(this will list all passwords in the locker, where you should get the vmid from the password that you want)

POST [lcmhost]/lcm/locker/api/v2/passwords/{vmid}/decrypted

(where {vmid} is from the previous step)

GET [lcmhost]/lcm/request/api/v2/requests{requestId}

(where {requestId} is from the previous step)

You can access [lcmhost]/api/swagger-ui.html  for more details on the headers and body.