Upgrading VRNI, or new install?

Hi. Several questions please. We are on old unsupport VRNI v3.60. I know for upgrading I have to stagger through many releases.

Good thing is we do not need any of the current statistics, as we ran it for DEV/QA first.

So I have been thinking of just shutting down the current platform and proxy and installing new v5.x version with the same IP address so I dont have to mess with the firewalls and collectors in VCSA.

This is a dumb question, but if VRNI both the platform and proxy are down for extended period of time, lets say a day. Does it affect any network IO on any of the VDS swithces it is monitoring? We are monitoring like 6 VDS, some are in NSX enabled clusters, some not.

Also I am a bit worried about this PSOD issue.

VMware Knowledge Base

But we only have 9 NSX hosts, 4 in 1 cluster, 5 in another. Different VDS. We should not be affected by this according to the math right? Thanks,,,

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HI Jeffery ,

There is no impact on shutting down the vrRNI. I would suggest you remove IPFIX connection to VDS i.e remove DataSource VC.

If you do not require statistics then just go a new install.

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