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Installation Question

Thanks for a moment.

I've deployed the vRNI Platform OVA.  I have connected its IP address.  Results of the page is not very good English, but see screen shot.


So I Please try login in few minutes.  Over 24 hours of Please try login in few minutes. I see the console login, but have no credentials to access the shell to troubleshoot.

The simple question is "WHAT??"  Am I missing something or is 24 hour startup time for the application to be expected?  This is in my home lab.  Need some screen shots for an upcoming presentation.  Please help.

Thanks, again.

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Hate to reply to my own post, but an update:

I reinstalled the Platform.

I found the CLI username (cliuser/ark1nc0ns0l3)

Worked through validating the network configuration.

ran a show-service-status command:


Made sure DNS entries were available.

Went to https://dns-name-of-platform.

Same result as below.

Does anyone have any Insight into Network Insight?  😉


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There could be many reasons for it.

If you still have the issue, could you share an access to your environment ?

Otherwise we could do a WebEX Smiley Happy.

Let me know what suits you the best.



Is this after an upgrade that this occurs?

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