vrealize automation 8 assign license key to a specific host


I have one vCenter server and 2 esxi clusters. Both clusters are connected to vCenter.

I have vRealize suite licenses for one of my cluster.

I have added license key to Locker, and also I have assigned in to vrealize automation from "Enviroments".

But I don't see how to assign license to specific hosts in specific a cluster.

I expect something like license groups in vRealize Operation.

Does Automation has something like license groups? 

How correctly assign license to avoid violation?

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In my mind, I am thinking:-

Deploy vRA8 to the cluster that you 'want to be covered by your license'

In vRA8 when you add in your vcenter, you can restrict the available compute to deploy machines to - so here just use the cluster that again you want covered by your licensing. Exclude all over clusters and compute hosts.

Does that help?

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