Steps to show Lease End date from vRA in your CMDB resources

As a system admin

1. Go to CI Class Manager and select the class you want the field to be created in.  For example, in the applications class, Virtual Machine Instances class, or a parent class so that it is inherited into both classes.

2. Create the field as a Date type and Save.  Take note of the column_name of the field to use in the resource mapping.

3. Go to an existing resource of that class and configure the resource form layout so that you see the field on those resources.

4. Go to Resource Mappings and click on the the resource mapping of the resource.  Add "lease.end":"column_name" to the Payload CI_Details and click Update

5. Go to Properties and click on the ResourcesAndCMDBImportLastRuntime system property.  Clear the Value field and Update.  This will update existing resources when the scheduled import is run.  If you don't, only new resources will get updated.

6. Go to Scheduled Imports and Execute the importResourcesAndCMDB scheduled import.  Wait for it to be processed in Scheduled Import Queues.

7. Add the field to your resource summary screens.  Your resource will have the date from vRA populated with time as 00;00;00.

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