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vmware-vcd-watchdog out of space on RHEL


Going through the install of vCloud Director I have set everything up and ran the .bin file through RHEL.  It connected to the database fine.  When I run the command

service vmware-vcd start

I get an error message:

Starting vmware-vcd-watchdog: vmware-vcd-watchdog failed to[FAILED]

The log file for the watchdog gives the following:

2011-05-13 13:27:45 | INFO  | vmware-vcd-watchdog started
2011-05-13 13:27:45 | ERROR | vmware-vcd-cell requires additional disk space to start, will not try to restart
2011-05-13 13:27:45 | INFO  | vmware-vcd-watchdog exiting

I gave the RHEL VM the recommended 20GB but its only using about 4GB?

I know very little about RHEL and was looking some assistance on this.


Paul C

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vCD requires 200 MB of free disk space on whatever file system /opt/vmware/cloud-director lives in, and the init script will check that prerequisite every time the cell is started.

If you run this command, does it show at least 200 MB of space available? df -h /opt/vmware/cloud-director


df -h /opt/vmware/cloud-director
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
                       13G  6.8G  5.2G  57% /

Recall that if you've got a single cell, any vApps or media you upload will be stored in that file system, and the product logs can grow to as large as 400 MB (total).

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